About Woobie aka Lyn-Dee Eldridge

Cuddle Me Love Body PillowWoobie aka Lyn-Dee Eldridge is your (CHO) Chief Happiness Officer/Founder of Happiness Jungle® LLC and the owner of Cuddle Me Love®LLC. Entrepreneur Mentor, #1 Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Survivor, Humorist, Creator/Producer/TV and Radio personality.  The Host of, ‘I’m CraZy But You Can’t Lock Me UP’ Podcast and The Creator of the Happiness Jungle Emotional Support Body Pillow® / Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow®

When your cookies crumble like Woobie’s has; cancer, abuse, divorce, grieving, single, co- and step-parenting, becoming a care-taker, business owner, and dealing with financial pressures–bankruptcy–you can learn how to work through everything with a happier, more positive attitude and purpose. She has been able to scale, measure and add value by turning her cookie crumbs into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Woobie helps individuals, couples, families, small businesses, corporations, non-profit groups, schools, and universities understand how to apply and understand the true philosophies of Happiness. How to live a less stressful life by making better choices and taking positive action steps to a stronger, more promising tomorrow.

The Cuddle Me Love® Story

In 1986, living in South Florida, Lyn-Dee was involved in a very toxic, domestic violence marriage and found herself crying and trying hard to be a husband pleaser–always walking on eggshells. She was the mother of a 15-month-old precious baby girl and had been married for 6 years while living a life of ‘Tears Of Fears Behind Closed Doors’. 

The day came when enough was enough. On this day Lyn-Dee’s baby girl had her wellness checkup. It was hard and almost impossible to do anything around the house, including cooking dinner, since the baby would not allow Lyn-Dee to put her down for a second. Lyn-Dee’s husband at the time, (now known as Anus), was always used to coming home to a full course dinner. However, for dinner that night, she had planned to order pizza.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Ten minutes before Anus walked through the door, Lyn-Dee turned PBS on the television, and there was a man who spoke volumes about self-love and how you “Gotta be hungry…” This man was none other than Mr. Les Brown, who she had never heard of before. His words had such power that they hypnotized her. She heard, “You have greatness within you! Don’t give anyone permission to treat you badly. You have great worth. You gotta be hungry for a good life…” At that divine moment, Anus walked in, he noticed nothing was done and there was no dinner, so he proceeded with his barking. However, this time Lyn-Dee didn’t hear him, she only heard Les Brown, while the noise that was coming out of Anus’ mouth was like Charlie Brown, “wawawawa…”

In an instant, she looked down at her baby girl in her arms and said, “You know what, my baby girl, I might be choosing and voluntarily staying in this horrible marriage, but you, my little angel, are not. I will not bring you up in this toxic home. We deserve peace.” Lyn-Dee then looked up at Anus and said, “We are getting a divorce.” And that was the beginning of her diving deep into personal development with Les Brown.

(Read Lyn-Dee’s first published book, ‘Tears Of Fears Behind Closed Doors’), to learn her story of how she became stronger and an overcomer.

Lyn-Dee had always said, “One day I am going to meet the man who changed my life on PBS, Mr. Les Brown. One day I will thank him personally, and he will know who I am. One day I will work with him doing something big.” She never lost that dream and became unstoppable, making a greater life for her and her daughter.

Fast Forward to 2017, up to this time, Lyn-Dee’s life was full of many success stories. After being divorced for eighteen years, she met a man in 2004, moved to New Hampshire, and married in 2007. Life was good, until it wasn’t. Her marriage was broken after being together for 13 years. In an attempt to take a marital break, they separated, and Lyn-Dee ventured to South Florida to visit her mother. While down there, she introduced her new business entity, Happiness Jungle® LLC to everyone. Not planning to stay, life took a very quick twist in many directions. Her 84-year-old abusive mother, known all over the world as Hurricane Frances, became ill. So, Lyn-Dee paused her life for almost a year to become her caretaker. It didn’t take long before she realized her world was crumbling and she was broken, again. However, she heard on social media that Mr. Les Brown was in town for a 3-day live event. Being hungry again, she thought, OMG, I am so broken. I’m going and I’ll see the man who changed my life once before, then I’ll get back on track. 

The event was a monumental game changer for Lyn-Dee! The following weekend, she attended the 2-day 1st Family Reunion with Les Brown and his family. While there Lyn-Dee heard Les Brown say, “You must be memorable…” and she took this to heart, literally! Lyn-Dee has been giving out red hearts all over the world for over forty-five years. As Les Brown was on stage, she noticed his briefcase and jacket were within her reach. So, she filled his pockets and briefcase with hearts. A short while later, Les expressed to Lyn-Dee the significant impression it left on him.

In September of 2017, Lyn-Dee found a health aid to take care of her mother so she could speak at a Families in Transition event in New Hampshire. While there, she decided to go for her yearly checkup, only to find out she had Breast Cancer. When she shared this paralyzing health challenge news with her husband, she asked, “You still don’t want a divorce?” He said, “No.” She replied, “Well if there was ever a time to reconcile our marriage it’s now.” However, he decided to check out, and three weeks into her radiation treatment the divorce was filed and finalized.

Forgiving him for his weaknesses, Lyn-Dee replaced him with an incredible body pillow that made her feel loved, {{hugged}}, cuddled, and spooned. She was desperately trying to replace the feelings of loneliness… and it worked! She never lost a night’s sleep, again! It truly is the best emotional support body pillow in the world!

(The morning after her surgery, Lyn-Dee received a call of well wishes from none other than Mr. Les Brown.)

Today Lyn-Dee is a World-Renowned Motivational Speaker and Author of ‘Squeeze My Ta-Ta’s: You’re Only One Mammogram Away From Knowing. In this book, she shares about her journey with Breast Cancer and how she found security in her emotional support body pillow. Little did she know, after others read her book and heard her speak, they wanted the pillow. So, she decided to create it and take it to market under the name, The Happiness Jungle Emotional Support Body Pillow®. Over hundreds of pillows have been sold and the heartfelt testimonies were pouring in! People of all ages and genders, and for all reasons, were ordering and loving the pillow.

Fast forward to 2020, the world is shut down and on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. Mr. Les Brown came back to everyone who attended his event in 2017 to ask them to gather on zoom because he wanted to share more. Mr. Les Brown shared that he wasn’t feeling well and had some health challenges, not complaining at all, just sharing. Immediately Lyn-Dee thought, If I can help the man who changed my life and give him comfort, I want to do this. So, she sent Mr. Les Brown an emotional support body pillow with no expectations other than to hear that it helped him. However, after he used it for about a week, he called her, “Lyn-Dee, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PILLOW! I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years, and this last week has been a blessing using your pillow!

His testimony was so strong that no matter what, Lyn-Dee knew she had to help more people all over the world be comforted with hope, love, security, and a balanced good night’s sleep.

Out of Tragedy comes Treasures, Blessings, and many Confirmations that she is on the right track.”

This, my friend, is how the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow® was created, The Best Emotional Support Body Pillow in the World was created! Lyn-Dee changed the name of the pillow from, The Happiness Jungle Emotional Support Body Pillow® to The Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow®, then added a new size, making a small and large pillow available to everyone. The blessed testimonies continue to pour in from all over. Lyn-Dee is now comforting the world with {{hugs}} and support for all to relax and enjoy better rest and a wonderful night’s sleep. The benefits are endless with this amazing flexible Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow® for emotional support and all health challenges.

2021 – Welcome to our Cuddle Me Love® family! Never Go Another Night Without A {{Hug}}