What Is Everyone Saying About The Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow™?

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

My chiropractor actually recommended one of these pillows for me before I had laser surgery on my neck and back. Miss Woobie was kind enough to overnight it to me so that I would have it in time. I’ve been struggling with severe arm, back, and neck pain from a car accident. This pillow has been a game-changer as it can support my arms as well as my neck. I can fold it to work for me in just about every situation. I move it from the bed to the chair every day. I even took it to a friend’s house to watch movies. I’ve had the less expensive ones, and trust me, you really get more than what you pay for with this pillow. It’s fabulous! It’s so worth every penny and then some.

Annette L Muller – Georgia 

For a long time, I dreaded going to bed knowing I was going to toss n turn every 15 minutes like a chicken rotisserie! Not anymore! I kept looking at the Cuddle Me Love pillow and finally, I made the decision to get one! BEST DECISIONS take a while! I wish I had gotten one earlier. No more tossing, turning n picking up pillows off the floor! I recommend everyone get a CUDDLE ME LOVE pillow. It might just make the world of difference to everyone’s sleep!
D.D. – NJ
WOW… I Love Love my Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow. I ordered the 6 ft. Pillow and have had it for three nights now and I hardly move around now in the night. I just get a good night’s sleep. It is and does everything it says it will do. I don’t even use my regular feather pillows anymore. I only use this one!!! It really makes you feel like you are being hugged and supported because I’m a side sleeper. This pillow is amazing. Who knew a pillow like this would make such a difference and actually do all that it says it does!!! I’m so grateful that Woobie has created such a wonderful body pillow. I love the red hearts on the arms too. I’m going to buy the 4 ft and give it to our Cancer Center to give to someone who could benefit from such a WONDERFUL Pillow… it truly is a Cuddle Me Love body pillow! Thank you Woobie! 
M. Ferguson – Spencer, Iowa
These pillows are so amazing that I keep one for on the couch and one for in my bed! My husband also has one of the 6ft pillows and he loves his too!! 
Jennifer Sheeler – PA
Not only did I buy one for myself, I also bought one for my elderly mom, dad, and sister! They LOVE them. We get to tuck THEM in at night as they tucked us in as children. The rest my parents receive now with the Cuddle Me Love pillow just adds more peacefulness while sleeping. The look on their faces is filled with total relaxation. I would have never believed a pillow would make a difference in the quality of life one can have, but I saw it in my parent’s eyes. Priceless… 
Rita Harris-Pinder –  South FL
Not sure what Lyn-Dee is sprinkling on this before shipping these body pillows out! This is a life saver! Instant body recovery, from headaches, sore muscles, and sleep problems. It’s the perfect drug-free way to get full-body support and I’m happy to endorse this Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow Product! 
Honey – Chicago

“I travel a lot for work, which means many lonely days without my husband and kids. When I long for home and the touch of my loved ones, the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow surely does suffice. What a brilliant idea! It hugs you from all sides as it wraps tightly around you in so many ways.”

– Elena Rahrig

“At 67 years of age, a sound night’s sleep is enormously important to me. I was very reluctant to try the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow, believing that men do not need to hug anything at night, other than their “main squeeze.” Boy, was I wrong. I loved its soft, comforting, and supportive feel. My nurse/ girlfriend has been telling me for years how important it is to support my body with a large pillow when sleeping on my side. I highly recommend this body pillow!”

– Richard Hunnewell

“I am a nurse in my 50’s who works with cancer patience and I highly recommend the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow to others. I love the warmth and comfort, and it enables proper alignment of the spine, as well as the neck. I could not sleep last night and wished I had the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow!”

– Ellen Gordon

These pillows are amazing! Gives you a feeling of safety, comfort and content. Drift off to sleep with a smile upon your face! Excellent for bedridden individuals to reposition and prevent bedsores. Relieves joint discomfort and gives your back support. Well, that’s what it does for me!! Love it!! 

– Sharon Pasguarella
South Carolina

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow
Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow
Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow
Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

“I tried the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow and I was wowed. I never thought this pillow would be a perfect solution for me, but it is. I thought “why would a guy use this?” I used to use 4 pillows and now only one… this one!”

– Jeff Campbell

I’m in a hotel right now, but I bought my 4 ft cuddle me love body pillow. Now I don’t feel alone. I love love love my pillow!

~ Julie Ebel

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow
Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

My daughter, Julia, loves this pillow! I sneak away with it at times, too. I love sitting up high in bed t read, do paperwork, etc. It’s a very comfortable pillow!

~ Sharon Pasquarella

I got my Cuddle Me Love Pillow yesterday. I immediately set it all up on my bed. I couldn’t wait to go to bed to try it. Well, let me tell you, I LOVE IT! I seriously slept so good! I had one part under my leg and the other across my chest. It was the most comforting feeling. No pillow slipping out from under my legs like normal. I can’t thank you enough, Lyn-Dee! It is wonderful!

~ Stacy Brammer Lowe

I absolutely love these pillows! Thank you Woobie for the Cuddle Me love pillow! It’s super comfortable and useful in so many situations!

~ Jason Eldridge

My gratitude and love today to Lyn-Dee for my Cuddle Me Love pillow. It’s super helpful for my healing process.

~ Leah Olstein

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow
Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

“Oh my goodness!! I am so in love with my pillow! I try to sleep on my back, but always end up on my side, so it helps me balance where I want to be! I don’t know how you designed this personally for me, but I am in love!! I’m saving up for the bigger one, because I love this one so much. I want more…ha ha. I think I’ve slept perfectly for the past three days I’ve owned it. My granddaughter and my daughter love it too, so I might hand this one down after I get the other one! I love the packaging and the thoughtful touches you added as well! You are truly gifted and I pray that you will be richly blessed for your hard work and dedication in designing this pillow. This is truly an answer to my prayers when it comes to sleeping well! To be honest I didn’t understand the hug part until I actually got the pillow and experienced it for myself.

Thank you so much for all the sweet dreams. Thank you for all my hugs, apparently I needed them more then I realized. I’ll be hugging you back quite frequently!”

Lori Anderson – Florida

“My family gives the Cuddle Me #cuddlemelovebodypillow a thumbs up. My oldest is 10 and I have seriously not slept through the night since before he was born, I’m talking 10-12 times I woke up every night NOT KIDDING I wish I was. My first night with my pillow I slept the ENTIRE night, I do have to admit I woke up in a complete panic thinking my kids were late to school or even kidnapped!

I was absolutely confused as to where I even was because at this point “ What is sleep?” Seriously though it is amazing in every way! I do wake up 2-3 times per night ( I’m a Mom and my mind goes at full throttle all hours of the night) but I can function during the day, my overall anxiety has significantly improved, my overall mood is at all time high and I have to give gratitude where it’s due, and it’s in this PILLOW y’all! Please see for yourself and you will not be disappointed! Thank you, Woobie, and your ability to turn your tragic story into giving light and encouragement to others!”

Meagan Stranninger – SC

Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow
Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow

“After a double mastectomy a week ago, my Cuddle Me Love Pillow has become my best friend and most constant companion. I cannot tell you the difference it made in being able to get comfortable and rest easily. The first days after surgery can be extraordinarily difficult to navigate. The pillow honestly made all the difference in the world in being able to feel safely snug and relaxed. Lyn-Dee Eldridge YOU are a genius!!! I love my Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow every day. What’s not to love about feeling loved and cocooned in comfort!?!”

Minx Boren – South Florida

“I’ve had my extra special pillow for several weeks now and I absolutely love it. When I lay down at night I’m never sure how I will use the pillow to sleep because there are many ways to use the pillow for full body comfort. I have gifted a few to my friends and they love their pillows. What a great gift to let someone know how much you care for them. Thank you, Woobie! I sleep so much better now!”

Phil Curtis- SC

The power of love and hugging is what keeps us alive. Life throws us all curve balls and need comfort and nurturing. The Cuddle me love Body Pillow provides support, comfort emotionally and physically.  I just got out of hospital and had ovarian tumors removed with a full hysterectomy. Having the support to allow to to sleep and support me was what I needed.”

Thank you Lyn-Dee ! Love you
Audrey Carlson – Connecticut

“Have to tell you this is my second cuddle me love body pillow–my Granddaughter has my first one the 4 foot, she absolutely loves it-it makes her feel secure, warm and cuddly.  The second one is for myself-6 foot, that is if no-one else decides to take ownership of it.   There are numerous ways to configure this pillow-whether is hugs, snuggles, or just have the comfort knowing that I have the support not only for my head-but for my back and legs as well.  Oliver, my cat, also decided he was going to snuggle with me on the pillow-he didn’t budge all night! Love love my pillow and would highly recommend this to anyone if they truly want a good nights sleep.  FYI-I am scheduled for Hip Surgery and haven’t slept in months–this pillow granted my wish for a good nights sleep-I will continue to use this pillow, especially after my surgery.  Thank you Lyn-Dee for an amazing pillow–its worth its weight on gold!”

Ronda Greene- Colorado

“I have been a Chiropractor for over 20 yrs. I have tried and recommended several pillow & bed products over those years. I was a little skeptical at first about the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow. It was initially the story that intrigued me. I have cared for thousands of patients over the years and anything that can reduce their suffering and bring them comfort is of interest to me. Well, the pillow delivered far beyond my expectations. I personally own a side sleeping and back sleeping pillow. Rolling over not only brought a change of pillow for the neck but also one for behind or between the knees. Now one pillow does it all. It also provides ample support for the neck and shoulders. My 9 yr old loves hers as well. So does my wife. Time to purchase another! I am very pleased and will certainly be recommending the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow to my patients.”

Dr. Stuart Kaizen Chiropractor  M.S., D.C. – South Carolina

A senior’s Testimony and Love for her Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow®
“HELLO! I’m a senior citizen and this is THE most comfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on (and I’ve tried a lot!)—extremely comfortable and a huge pain reliever! When it wraps around you it’s so comforting. I’m a side sleeper and experience back and knee pain. I tucked the pillow behind my back and between my knees. I was so surprised that my back felt better in the morning! Taking the pressure off of my bottom knee was a huge relief. I often wake up and my upper right arm is sore—with the pillow my arm is raised up off my body and for the first time in a long time my arm doesn’t hurt! I would recommend this pillow for any senior citizen (like me) who’s dealing with aches and pains—anyone with back problems—anyone seeking to get quality sleep!”
~ Amy – NH
“I personally own a cuddle Me Love Body Pillow. It’s THE BEST! I sleep so well since I purchased it. The creator is a personal friend of mine. Lyn-Dee lights up every room she enters with her positive energy and warmth. Consider purchasing one for yourself. You won’t regret it! Support small businesses!”
Amy Clark – PA
As a widow, the hardest part has been learning how to sleep alone. Today, I found a GAME CHANGER! If single women everywhere find out about this, it’s over! My friend, Lyn-Dee Eldridge introduced me to a pillow she created. It’s amazing because it makes being single so much more bearable. This pillow creates a cuddling effect without having to have a person and it feels like a hug! I am IN LOVE with it. Going to bed has been something I’ve dreaded until now. If u need a cuddle buddy, invest in yourself. order your pillow today.
Kerri Brice – SC
Yes, we received the gifted Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow…What a blessing?! My daughter loves it! We both watched the short videos on the different positions and uses, which we found to be extremely informative. She loves the way it cuddles and supports her. We also like how we can position the legs and stuff under her to prop her up so she can lay on her side, which gives her bumbum a much-needed break, as well as helps prevent bedsores–which are very common for those who are bedridden. I’ve washed it twice so far with no issues.
Thank You!
Happy Mom from NH

My daughter has cerebral palsy and can’t sit up by herself and sometimes can’t sleep well. The pillow allowed her to sit up and she was so happy. I’m sure it will also help her sleep as well along with many other thing’s. I can’t thank you enough Cuddle Me Love and also the beautiful smile you put on my daughters face and happiness it gave her. Thanks and with kind regards, L Parks – SC

Hey there! I was the one who pitched your pillow to my mom. They just bought a brand new sleep number bed. I called mom today to ask if she used the pillow and dad said, ” We didn’t even need to buy the new bed. She’s obsessed with her pillow.”
Janine Dunpal, SC

Finally Sleeping In His Own Bed All Night!

Thank you so much for your generosity in donating a Cuddle Me Love pillow to our son! He has always had a difficult time sleeping and constantly wakes up during the night. Last night was the first night he had his new pillow and he slept in his own bed in his own room all night long! What a blessing you are to the children at A Child’s Haven. Thank you again for showing such kindness to those around you.”
J. Doyle – SC

My mom is 94. She’s healthy but yet has challenges. She’s a little over weight, She has neuropathy in hands and feet. Sleep Apnea and even with her CPap doesn’t sleep well, and often wakes up during the night. She’s also stubborn and doesn’t like change, even if it’ll help her. Last week she fell and sliced her knee open. 10 stitches but it’s healing but still hard to walk and even harder trying to get comfortable for naps or bedtime. I got the CML pillow in hopes it would help support her knees, back and tummy while she sleeps. She was skeptical but promised to give a try. I showed her the different ways she could use it. For her nap on the couch, she loved how it supported her back. In bed it was perfect for supporting her knee and belly and her head. She said it was the first time in a while she slept through the night, and her neck didn’t hurt when she woke up. This is amazing that she took to the CML pillow so fast. My only regret was not getting this sooner! Thank you Lyn-Dee

Laura – Maine

My husband and I wanted to thank you. Our special needs son received the wonderful Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow. He didn’t fight one second when we first introduced the pillow to him. He had been restless before introducing it but immediately became calm when placed on the pillow. He seemed very happy. We are so thankful for Cuddle Me Love.

A. Brien – SC

My daughter just recently had her leg amputated.  My Cuddle Me Love pillow was given to my daughter as a gift from a friend of mine. This pillow really is comfortable and helps my daughter in a lot of ways. It gives her the support and stability while laying down or sitting up. She also props her nub on the pillow which helps it feel better. I can’t say enough about the pillow and I’m so thankful that it was given to my daughter as a gift. I would encourage anyone with disabilities to get one.                         ~BG Parham, SC

CraZy In Love With our Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow!

I bought one for Jeff and I. Has helped him tremendously to keep head elevated , which helps with his sinuses. I love the couple snuggle part we share too. And the old hip benefits as well. Highly recommend.

If you have never heard of this amazing Body Pillow ….. I am sharing this now. I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman, that I now call friend. ♥️ Her path led her to creating this. It truly is a small world. As we discovered we are both from Florida. Woobie shared her Breast cancer story.

I mentioned a dear friend who had also been through the same frightening diagnosis. As we continued to talk ,my phone rings and it is in fact that friend I was speaking of. I am telling her about this pillow. Seconds later she is sending me pictures of the pillow and the book written by Woobie.

S. Madonia – SC

I just got my birthday pillow. My sneaky kiddos. I’m sitting comfortably on my couch, wrapped in my Cuddle Me Love feeling really loved. I’m so glad I got to meet you and hope to see you again. You are an incredible woman!

~K.H. Gerard – SC

As a mother of a son who has Multiple Sclerosis and Autism, I bought the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow from my son. He likes a few things that he has ever been given so my heart is filled with gladness when he woke up after his first night with his nurturing Cuddle Me Love Pillow and said, “Thank you, Mother! I love my gift and appreciate it and you. I love you!” He gave me a hug! He is sleeping more soundly and waking up refreshed. The gift that gives back…Cuddle Me Love!                                                                                                

 Z. Ables, SC

A Happy Complaint Of Comfort!
I have a complaint about my new pillow… it makes me very unproductive because I don’t want to get out of bed each morning it is so comfy! 🤣🤣 ❤️ I Love my new pillow! For the first time in a long time I woke up with no pain in my hips or my back.Thanks Lyn-Dee Eldridge for sharing this great pillow with me!
~ D. Owens – SC ~

Highly Recommended for Chronic Pain and Emotional Support

I am grateful that you created such a comforting product. Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow! I can’t tell you how much it has helped me. It’s comfortable for someone who has chronic pain. But it is also emotional support that I really need. Thank you again.

                                                     M. Larson – Utah

Special Needs Child Won’t Sleep Without Her CML Pillow

Brynley received her Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow through her school the Meyer Center for Special Children. I wish I could express what a blessing this pillow has been for her and us. Since the day she received hers (October 2022), she hasn’t slept without it. She’s been in the hospital several times since then and had a sleep study. She uses it so much I recently purchased another one for our backup. Now we have 2! I want to add, I finally got the nerve up to wash our original one a few weeks ago and it was SO easy!! You can wash the pillow itself and the cover in your washing machine and dry them in your dryer! Just follow the directions as given on both the pillow and cover.

We are beyond thankful for Lyn-Dee Eldridge and all the ones who donated to make this happen for Brynley’s school. God really sent an Angel when he sent us Lyn-Dee.                                                               C. King – SC

Can I just say…. we LOVE our pillow. At first I wasn’t sure how my girl, Addy would do, but now she curls up with this pillow every night when we put her to bed. So although she is nonverbal and can’t tell me how much she loves it, her actions are very clear. What an incredible gift you gave to so many at the Meyer Center. I know how grateful we are. Your generosity is amazing and i don’t think thank you is really sufficient. My sweet girl is loving sleep time. Such a game changer! Because my daughter has Rett Syndrome and there are a number of mobility concerns, I am hopeful this will alleviate some of the pressure on her joints and give her muscles a little break!! Again, thank you Woobie!! We love it so much and are super grateful!!

                                                              P. Buldo – SC

A Happy Complaint Of Comfort!

I have a complaint about my new pillow…  it makes me very unproductive because I don’t want to get out of bed each morning it is so comfy! 🤣🤣 ❤️ I Love my new pillow! For the first time in a long time I woke up with no pain in my hips or my back. Thanks Lyn-Dee Eldridge for sharing this great pillow with me!
~ D. Owens – SC ~

Disclaimer: The Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on the website or in emails is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. The Cuddle Me Love Body Pillows® purchased from Cuddle Me Love LLC® is not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition. Never Leave babies or children alone while using the Cuddle Me Love Body Pillow® as it may suffocate if it moves and covers their faces.